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Power Flushing

Why do you need to powerflush your central heating system.

After time rust occurs in central heating systems which can cause black sludge. This sludge can cause radiators to become cold at the bottom and in time can cause them to leak.

Boiler heat exchangers can sludge up and become noisy & radiator valves, pumps & pipes can block.All of this can make the system inefficient, costly to run and cause a lot of unnecessary expense in replacing parts.

We use a high powered power flushing machine with chemicals to clean out the complete central heating system. We also use a magnetic filter to remove additional sludge/iron oxide and rust which can if not removed cause damage to your pipework and heat exchanger.

We would then refill the central heating system flush through with neutralising crystals and add an inhibitor. Your system would then be balanced to make sure it works to its full capability.

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All work carries a 1 year guarantee

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